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Yes, a lot. Once in 'The Once and Future Queen', once in 'Sweet Dreams', Arthur gives her a quick kiss in 'The Eye of the Phoenix', and they kiss twice in 'Queen of Hearts' and 'The coming of Arthur part 2'.
The in saeries 4 they kiss in the last scene of 'His fathers Son' (you couldd say twice) and the same in 'lamia' they kiss twice in 'The Sword in the Stone' when Arthur proposes and when Guinever is crowned Queen.
Together? Married
Relationship Arthur has only began to view Gwen as something more than a servant since around the time of 'The Moment of Truth.' Now both are in love with each other, but Gwen's status as a servant makes it near-impossible for them to be together.
Gwen's flirtations with Lancelot also caused difficulties in their relationship. In 'Sweet Dreams' Gwen is revealed to be Arthur's true love - only Merlin knows this, though. However in Lancelot du Lac Morgana brings Lancelot back from the dead and he gives Guinevere a braclet that enchants her. Arthur finds her kissing Lancelot in the council chambers and then banishes her. The braclet is left in the cell, we can only hope its discovered in series 5.
In the end arthur realises that he still loves her and proposes near the end of s4, ep13.
Known Each Other For Gwen grew up in Camelot as did Arthur, but it is unclear as of yet how long they have known each other for.
GwenXArthur: Season 1


GwenXArthur: Season 2


Merlin Page Elements - Merlin TV Show RELATIONSHIP TIMELINE
The Moment of Truth
Gwen scolds Arthur for making fun of Hunith's food. Arthur confides his worries for the battle, and Gwen comforts him.
It is also at this point that Arthur begins his habit of referring to Gwen as Guinevere (her full name). He is the only person who never uses her shortened name.
To Kill the King After her father is killed, Arthur tells Gwen that her job is safe and that she can keep her house. He also apologizes for what happened, and she thanks him for his kindness.
Le Morte d'Arthur
When Arthur is unconscious and near death, Gwen looks after him. She tends to his fever while telling him that she believes that he is destined to be a great King, and how it is that thought which keeps her going through Uther's reign.
Gwen then holds Arthur's hand, resting her chin on their joined hands. She tells him that he's not going to die. She is the only person who refuses to give up hope.
Le Morte d'Arthur
Arthur, newly healed, remembers what Gwen told him when he was unconscious. Gwen gets flustered, denies it, and leaves quickly.
The Curse of Cornelius Sigan
Gwen throws Arthur back to save him from being hit by a gargoyle, ending up lying on top of him. She helps him back inside the castle where Arthur tells her that she always surprises him he then thanks her for saving his life.
The Once and Future Queen Arthur stays at Gwen's house when he competes in Camelot's jousting tournament undercover. Arthur treats Gwen like a servant and Gwen loses her temper with him. Arthur then feels bad for treating her so poorly and does his best to make it up to her, he tries and fails to cook her dinner which leads to another argument between them, eventually they start to appreciate each other, and then they share a passionate kiss, Arthur later tells Gwen that nothing can ever happen between them as his father would never allow him to have a relationship with a servant, and Gwen understands, but they look longingly at each other.
The Nightmare begins
Arthur defends Gwen when Uther doubts Gwen's version of events as to what led to the fire in Morgana's chambers.
When Arthur gives Merlin advice on sticking to women 'on the same level' when he mistakenly thinks Merlin has a crush on Morgana, he tells him 'she can't be your friend, let alone anything else' he appears lost in thought and very sad - it is obvious he is talking more about his relationship with Gwen rather than Merlin and Morgana's relationship.
Lancelot and Guinevere When Guinevere gets kidnapped by an outlaw who mistakes her for Morgana, Uther refuses to pay a ransom for her. Then when Arthur and Merlin go to rescue her, Merlin notices that Arthur is acting out of character - he refuses to rest and cannot sleep and he takes silly risks so he can reach her faster. Merlin questions Arthur about his feelings for Gwen and Arthur admits that he is falling in love with her, but is tormented by the fact that Uther would never allow him to marry Gwen. He is also terrified that she may not be alive anymore. Merlin tells Arthur that when he is king he can marry Gwen and that if Gwen feels the same way she will wait for him. When Arthur and Merlin gets to the castle where Gwen is being held, they find that Lancelot has got to her first. Arthur then saves both Lancelot and Gwen but he notices that Gwen and Lancelot seem to have feelings for each other and is very upset by this. Lancelot notices the tension between Gwen and Arthur and leaves refusing to come between them. Gwen is upset by Lancelot's departure and looks sorry when she realises how she has hurt Arthur. At the end of this episode, they are tense around each other but still look at each other longingly if a bit sadly.
Beauty and the Beast Part II Arthur refuses to collect a new tax set by Uther as he knows it will cause the residents of Camelot to suffer. He gives back people their money, and stops the guards from hurting a man who cannot pay. Gwen sees this and smiles at him unnoticed. She admires Arthur for standing by his convictions and refusing to carry out Uthur's unreasonable demands, she visits him in his private chambers to tell him this but finds him upset, after Uther has told he will not make a strong King. Gwen tells him how much she admires him and comforts him after he confides his insecurities to her, Arthur seems pleased by her visit and listens to her advice she tells him Uther loves him deeply but has got him wrong on this occasion. They stare at each other but the moment is broken by Sir Leon who comes in looking for Arthur, Gwen quickly backs away from him.
The Witchfinder After helping Merlin to gather evidence proving Gaius's innocence, Gwen goes to Arthur to ask him to stop Gaius's execution (which is about to happen) Arthur tells her he has no power to go against his fathers orders. Desperate to save Gaius Gwen tells Arthur about the evidence and asks that they have an opportunity to talk to Uther. Even though Arthur knows that what Uther is doing is wrong, he refuses bend and an outraged Gwen reminds him that he has a duty as Merlin's friend and Prince to help save Gaius. She reminds him that he has stood by and watched an innocent man die before, Uther killed her father, she wonders how he can bare to watch another person die unfairly at his fathers hands. Shocked that she has brought up her fathers death, he stares at her in disbelief. Misreading his look (she thinks he disapproves of her speaking out of place) she tells him she knows she's just a servant, she thought he was a Prince, although he isn't acting like one. Coming to his senses Arthur stops the execution and gives Merlin a chance to present the evidence to Uther
Sweet Dreams Arthur is put under a spell to fall in love with a spoilt Princess named Vivian. Upon meeting Vivian for the first time Arthur strongly dislikes her and her rude attitude (especially after she insults Gwen in his presence).
After becoming Enchanted Arthur asks Merlin to help him 'woo' Vivian, Merlin misunderstands and thinks that Arthur is ready to undertake a relationship with Gwen. A series of mishaps mean that Gwen gets flowers and a love note meant for Vivian and she sends Arthur a note in return asking him to meet her later that night. Thinking the note is from Vivian Arthur leaves Gwen waiting and goes to Vivian. He is soon discovered by Vivians overprotective father and challenged to a fight to the death. Gwen finds out about Arthur and Vivian the morning after, and is clearly heartbroken.The Dragon tells Merlin that only a kiss from the person Arthur truly loves will break the spell. Merlin tells Gwen about Arthurs enchantment. Gwen makes her way to the tent where an injured Arthur is resting. She enters and passionately kisses him, as the enchantment wears off, he responds with equal passion pulling her into a tight embrace. Arthur finally feels the pain of his injuries, he asks Gwen where he is and what he is doing. Gwen tells him he is in a fight to the death and that he is loosing. Arthur looks Stunned, but enters the battleground he asks Merlin to look after Gwen if he is killed. Arthur manages to win the final round. When Gwen returns to her home Arthur steps out of the shadows apologizing he tells Gwen that he is sorry for the pain he caused her, he has never loved anyone but her. Gwen refuses to blame him she acknowledges that she too has caused equal pain to him (referring to Lancelot). She tells him that she can never be his Queen. Arthur, however, disagrees with her. as he leaves they both look frustrated and upset over their situation
The Last Dragonlord Arthur saves Gwen from the Dragon, hurting himself in the process. When she is patching him up she tells him off for risking his life. Looking at her lovingly he says he would never let anything bad happen to her, she goes to pick up a cloth to clean his wound but he grabs her hand back holding it to his chest they grin at each other not noticing that Gaius has witnessed their affectionate behaviour. When Gaius tells Gwen that he knows that she is in love with Arthur, Gwen says she knows that nothing will ever come of it. Gauis disagrees he says that Arthur loves her too and that one day things will change for them. He comforts Gwen who is scared that Arthur will be killed on his Quest. When Arthur returns from fighting the Dragon unhurt Gwen runs to him in full public view, she hugs him and whispers in his ear. Arthur seems relieved to be back with Gwen and they hold each other as they walk into Camelot happy to be back together.
The Tears of Uther Pendragon Part 2
Gwen comes to Arthur's room and asks him how his father is. She then tells me that she thinks he is making the right decision and that she trusts him more than any other man.

Merlin Page Elements - Merlin TV Show RELATIONSHIP QUOTES
The Moment of Truth
Arthur: Gwen.
Gwen: I'm sorry
Arthur: Gwen
Gwen: I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have spoken to you like that.
Arthur: Guinevere!!
The Once and Future Queen Arthur: Guinevere it is good of you to let me stay in your home
Gwen: Well I'm happy to help
Merlin (whispers to Gwen): food
Gwen: I'll prepare some food for you (whispers to Merlin) I can't believe you talked me into this
Arthur (whispers to Merlin): You can't really expect me to stay here
The Once and Future Queen
Gwen: Why are you doing this?
Arthur: I fear people respect me just because of my title
Gwen: I don't believe that's true of everyone
Arthur: Would you tell me if it were?
Gwen: No.
The Once and Future Queen Arthur: You're right, you have invited me into your home and I have behaved appallingly
Gwen: I didn't mean to make you feel bad
Arthur: Oh, really?
Gwen: Well, perhaps a little.
The Once and Future Queen Arthur: Do I have any more annoying habits you wish to tell me about?
Gwen: no, none.
Arthur: There's something else isn't there, what is it?!
Gwen: Well, the truth is; you snore
Arthur: I do not snore!
Gwen: You do! the first night you were here I thought a pig had got into the house.
The Once and Future Queen
Arthur: Is this where you sleep? where's your bed?
Gwen: Your sleeping in it
Arthur: Why didn't you say something?
Gwen: How could I? your prince Arthur, besides you didn't give me the chance you just assumed the bed was yours
Arthur: How am I supposed to know if you don't tell me
Gwen: You shouldn't need to be told to think of someone other than yourself, you're not a child.
The Once and Future Queen Arthur: There's no excuse, I'll make it up to you. Tonight - I will make dinner for you
Gwen: You're going to cook me dinner?
Arthur: I most certainly am! now go for a walk or do whatever it is that girls do at this time of the evening
Gwen: A walk would be nice
Arthur: Your dinner will be ready when you return
The curse of Cornelius Sigan (Gwen pulls an injured Arthur out of the path of a killer gargoyle)
Arthur: Guinevere!
Gwen: Sire.
Arthur: That thing could have killed you.
(Gargoyle swoops towards them again)
Gwen (diving on top of Arthur): And it still might! (Arthur groans) sorry sire.
Arthur: No, my pleasure.

Beauty and the Beast part II

Arthur: Maybe he's right, one day I will be King of Camelot. I cannot be friend to the people as well as their ruler.
Gwen: That's not true and you will prove it when you become King, you've a kind heart Arthur. Don't ever change, not for anyone.

The Witchfinder

Gwen: Arthur, you've got to stop this!
Arthur: I can't Gwen, you know I can't.
Gwen: Merlin has proof that Gaius is innocent.
Arthur: My father has already passed sentence, there's nothing I can do.
Gwen: You can do the right thing, Arthur Pendragon! You can show some faith in a loyal friend, or you can stand by and watch an innocent man die.
Arthur: Guinevere.....
Gwen: You did it once before to my father. Are you really willing to let it happen again? And you can stop looking at me like that, I know I'm only a servant. I thought you were a prince. So start behaving like one!

Sweet Dreams

Arthur: Ah! finally come to wish me good luck? I really don't think I need it anymore.
Gwen: No Arthur, I have not come to wish you luck.
Arthur: Well honestly that's rather rude.
Gwen: Then let me make amends (kisses him) (Arthur quickly becomes unenchanted and kisses her back)
Sweet Dreams Arthur: (finally feeling the pain of his injuries) wh...what am I doing??
Gwen: You're in a fight. To the death. You're loosing.
Arthur: but....
Gwen: (caressing his face) There's no time to explain.Just...Live for me Arthur, that's all I ask right now.
Sweet Dreams Arthur: I thought I better deliver it myself this time. I'm sorry. For, what I put you through.
Gwen: No. You have nothing to apologize for. I too have caused my fair share of hurt.
Arthur: You must believe that my feelings for....Vivian, were not real. I never loved another.
Gwen: One day you will, one day you will find your real Princess. One day you will be King of Camelot....and I cannot be your Queen.
Arthur: You don't know that.
Gwen: I am as sure of that as you are.
Arthur: Things may change.
Gwen: Well, until they do (Curtsies) My lord.
The Last Dragonlord (Arthur sees that the Dragon is about to attack Gwen)
Arthur: Gwen..........Guinevere!!
(Gwen hears him notices the dragon and runs in fear, Arthur starts to run towards her)
The Last Dragonlord Gwen: You shouldn't have risked your life.
Arthur: I wasn't going to let anything happen to you.
The Last Dragonlord Gwen: (hugging Arthur) I thought I'd lost you.
The Tears of Uther Pendragon Gwen: (knocks on Arthurs door and hesitates) Im Sorry...I didn't mean to...
Arthur: No! Come in, please.
Gwen: How is your father?
Arthur: I could do with him here.
Gwen: You should have more faith in yourself.
Arthur: What are the people saying?
Gwen: They are glad that you have taken charge.
Arthur: I've committed them to a siege. There's going to be casualties Gwen.
Gwen: I trust you Arthur. More than Uther, more than any man. Worry is not a wise councel. Forget everything else! you have to follow what you believe is right.
(Arthur notices gwens hand gripping his arm and covers her hand with his, they stare at eachother in silence for some time)
Gwen: I should go sire.
Arthur: (looking frustrated) There's no need to call me that
Gwen: There is every need. Sire.
His Fathers Son Arthur is laying in bed daydreaming (possible about gwen). Gwen enters carrying a jug of water, she puts it on the table and arthur gets up taking a bunch of purple flowers.
Arthur: Ah Gwen.
Gwen: Goodmorning sire.
Arthur: These are for you. Presents her with flowers, they drop to the side. It's not much I know I found them by the side of the road...
Gwen: Taking flowers. Thank you sire but I don't understand what there for.
Arthur: There to say I'm sorry Guinever.
Gwen: You don't need to apologise, I understand why things have to be the way they are.
Arthur Yes, a good King must respect the traditions of the past-like my father did.
Gwen:I know that.
Arthur: A good King must also follow his heart, do as he sees fit and be seen with those he cares about.
Gwen:Even if there not appropriate?
Arthur smiles takes Gwen in his arms smiles then kisses her briefly
Arthur: Does that anwser your question?.
Gwen:Its a start.
They kiss.
The Sword in the Stone part 2 Arthur enters. Gwen is moving a chair.
Gwen: It will take some time.
Arthur:Merlin can take care of it. Gwen smiles. Guinevere...
Gwen: You don't have to say anything.
Arthur: What happened between us.
Gwen: Please Arthur I can't forgive myself.
Arthur: I don't care... I just don't ever want to lose you. Takes hold of her hands. Will you marry me?
Gwen: Yes, yes with all my heart.

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Caught In A Moment
The Arthur/Gwen moment in Le Morte d'Arthur, retold from Gwen's POV.
One Winter's Day
It's a chilly day when Arthur offers to chop Gwen's firewood.
Dreams Of You
Every night they dream of each other, because only in dreams can they can be together.
Arthur Ascending ch 2+
A friend of Ygraine held prisoner in Uther's dungeon for sorcery sees the love Gwen and Arthur feel for each other and takes steps to ensure they can marry without incurring the king's wrath.

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